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A couple of months ago, I read a story -- author and title now forgotten -- in which Blair wondered why he never had an easy or comfortable kidnapping. (I suspect other authors have put the same idea in other stories; I know I've thought about it a few times.) My muse liked the idea, but didn't do anything about it until I looked at the calendar; I needed dues the following week. The trickle of ideas turned into... an anemic flow.

Given the deadline, and depth of subject -- barely enough to wet the tops of my shoes -- I expected a very short story, about 3,000 words. I should know better by now. It takes longer to set up a good kidnapping than I realized; I think I'm too lazy to turn to a life of crime.

Unbeta'd, but I'm grateful to Jess Riley for her expert advice to give Megan's speech an authentic Aussie flavor. Thanks also to Roslyn, who kindly pointed out a few typos, and a 'non-guy' turn of phrase, which I fixed. Any mistakes are still my own.




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