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Title: Sentinel Haiku
Summary: Series summary, in haiku.
Style: Gen
Size: 50 words, about 0.1 page in MS Word
Warnings: None
Notes: Written 9/2/06
Feedback: Not necessary, but every comment is treasured.
Email: If you prefer not to post a note that everybody can see, you can reach me at starwatcher -at- dreamwidth.org

Sentinel Haiku

by StarWatcher

Sentinel, watching,
Protecting his city, tribe,
Stands against chaos.

Guide, city's shaman,
Backup to his sentinel;
No zones on his watch.

Captain, strong leader,
Keeps necessary secrets
Despite his grumbling.

Warriors, unknowing,
Stand backup to sentinel,
Sharing his duty.

United as one,
Overcoming lawlessness,
The tribe remains strong.

The End

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