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Title: Lucky Two Hundred
Summary: Blair's mess is organized -- really it is!
Style: Gen
Size: 200 Words
Warnings: None
Notes: July, 2007. Double-drabble for Sentinel_Thursday's 200th challenge -- "200" in two hundred words.
Feedback: Not necessary, but every one is treasured.
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Lucky Two Hundred

by StarWatcher

Jim watched, arms crossed, as Blair rooted frantically through the papers on his desk. "Sandburg, I'd think you'd put something that important in a safe place, not where it could get buried under a year's worth of crap."

"Of course I put them in a safe place!" Blair snapped. "But that was two months ago, and I don't remember! Doesn't matter; I'll find them if I have to tear the room apart."

"In the next..." Jim checked his watch, "one hour and forty minutes? Otherwise, we'll miss the opening tip-off."

Blair straightened and surveyed his room, hand clenching his hair as he considered the best place to search. "You could help, you know."

"You're going about it all wrong. Stop and think; retrace what you did that day."

"Okay; the phone rang. It was a random radio-station call -- did I know when Napoleon's fleet was sunk -- and I won... oh, man!" Blair hurried to the wall shelves and carefully lifted the antique wooden tribal warrior. He triumphantly waved the tickets. "Duh! The answer was two hundred years, so I put them under my two-hundred-year-old Masai carving, and now we have box seats to Orvelle Wallace's two-hundredth home game. Let's go!"

The End

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