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I got an email from the Sentinel Angst dues mistress, politely reminding me that I was overdue to submit a story. Eek! I was still working on my Moonridge story, which wouldn't be finished for at least a month. I wrote back, saying I'd try to come up with something quickly.

Come on, muse -- give me something. It's Easter time; something Easterish? But Blair's Jewish. Something Springish? Spring... flowers, colored eggs, rants about colored chicks / ducklings as pets... Ducks! I remembered a news story from a few years back -- maybe you saw it -- about a duck that built her nest some distance from the pond. When she led her recently-hatched ducklings to water, the building's employees came out to form a protective line across traffic to allow them to get safely to the pond. I thought that was absolutely something Blair would do, and was soon typing away.

I went looking for a picture of mallard duckling so that I could add the description to the story. Two pictures I found were incredibly appropriate, and I couldn't resist adding them. The original links are -- Ducklings at curb   and   Duckling in water.

Information about the life cycle and habits of the mallard duck -- you think I know this stuff? -- came from this site (PDF) and this site.




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