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March dues for Sentinel Angst were pending. I spent four years in Bermuda as a young teen -- Dad was Air Force -- and the information included in the story is true. My younger siblings made their own kites for flying on Good Friday every year. Those memories came back on a mild spring day, and this story reflects that. Unfortunately, the press of schoolwork didn't allow me the time to finish. With June dues approaching, I dusted it off and finished in a couple of days -- in between bouts of research. I had no idea that "Bermuda kites" were a recognized separate division, and that I'd find so many pictures on the web; I spent hours following links and reliving memories. For the curious -- yes, the sand on Bermuda beaches is that white, and the ocean that blue. And so this springtime story is posted as summer approaches and our weather forecast is for a week of 100-degree temperatures. (snickers at the irony)

If you're interested, here's a post that contains memories of Bermuda and the local kite-flying tradition at my Dreamwidth account.



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