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Although my muse has been erratic lately, I volunteered for Secret Santa; story ideas seem to come more easily when I'm under time pressure. My prompt was, "Blair being awesome and/or Outsider POV" and, sure enough, the idea for a story hit me right away. But first, I needed a bit of help from fandom; I asked, Do you think Steven Ellison knows about his big brother's senses?. (There are some interesting answers with good points there; have a look.) With those excellent points in mind, I had a scenario all planned, but then the story didn't go as intended. (We've all said it: musae are contrary that way.) Blair's awesomeness became more low-key than I envisioned, and the Outsider POV between Steven and William was not as 'opposite' as I wanted. But my recipient liked it anyway, so that was good.

That said, this story fought me every step of the way; some sections wanted to be written in present tense, and 'says' instead of 'said' kept sneaking in without my notice. Several scenes were rewritten twice over. Every time I thought William was thawing toward Blair, he'd get suspicious all over again. I finally decided the character probably knew better than I did, so I let him have his say, and the writing was (somewhat) easier after that.

With this struggle, I turned in the story 18 days late. Thanks to Ainm, who gave the extension and didn't bang on my figurative door daily until I finished. If she was worried, she hid it well. ((hugs to Ainm.)) And huge thanks to Alyjude, who read the first ragged half, and gave me some good pointers to make the characterization better and the story smoother.

Thanks also to the members of TS_Talk and Sentinel Angst list, who gave their input on the Steven question. Even though I ended up not using those ideas, I realized all over again that writing fanfic is a very cooperative endeavor – not only between author and betas, but between author and fandom as a whole. Without that pool of information, ideas, and enthusiasm to provide the impetus, most of my stories would wither unfinished on my hard drive. I'm grateful to everyone who's ever commented about any TV show, because all of those become sparks for the imagination, and prime the pump of the author's or artist's pen / word processor / ink / photoshop / whatever. Thank you all.




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