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Some time back, I made a post, in which I mentioned the bad vibe folks often get from the word 'test'; I said that my students are usually relieved to be having a speech 'check-up' instead of a speech 'test'. But some of the commenters said they equate 'check-up' with doctors, and feel that term has more bad vibes than 'test'. The idea for this story was born.

I envisioned it as a humorous little piece, with some Jim-snark about what kind of grade he's going to get. The boys did not cooperate; instead of keeping it light, they started talking about feelings, and we all know Jim doesn't like to do that. He spent a long time refusing to speak to me, while I got sidetracked by digging a permanent tadpole-pool, replacing the floor in the barn (the part where the hay is stored), and hauling/stacking many loads of hay. (Finished 8, 4 more to go -- 16 bales each load.) Then, watching the Olympics makes it extremely difficult to concentrate on a story. But here it is at last; I hope you enjoy it.

(PS -- I found 35 synonyms for 'test'. Aren't you glad I didn't use them all? <g>)




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