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When I read Dolimir’s Calvin and Hobbes story, The Last Frontier in May, I was absolutely charmed. After the last line, I immediately envisioned Calvin and Hobbes meeting Jim and Blair -- maybe on Halloween, when the veil between the worlds (or universes) is thinner. I had absolutely no intention of connecting my story to Dolimir's, except for acknowledging that her story gave me the idea and the impetus. But when I started writing, the muse decided that Calvin's and Hobbes's first attempt to connect their universes went astray -- in effect, making my story a 'missing scene' for Dolimir's. Oops! I immediately wrote to Dolimir, asking if she were comfortable with this take, or if she would prefer I went with my original idea for Hobbes reaching the TS universe. She gave me her blessing, for which I was very thankful; my muse is stubborn about changing directions. So this story is dedicated to Dolimir, with my gratitude.



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