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On the Senad mailing list, it's customary to "pay for" off-topic posts with an "obsenad" - a snippet with obligatory sentinel adult content. These snippets usually have Jim and Blair dealing with a problem similar to the posted observation. Since Senad is an "adult" list, it is expected that there will be some slash content, however mild.

Some years ago (November, 2003, according to the 'properties' listed on the document), I produced an Obsenad for a post or question that I no longer remember, although I can assume that it dealt with spam. <g> Although I rewrote the end to produce a gen version and posted it on SentinelAngst list, I don't want the slash version lost in list archives, so I incorporated some of the new additions and let this version stand as part of my fic lineup. In those days I didn't have a beta, although I probably wouldn't have submitted it even if I did, because this is so short. I've been over it again, changed a few words and added a bit more description; I hope you enjoy.




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