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This little story started life as an Obsenad on the Senad mailing list at the end of October, 2003. I no longer know what the OT post was about -- probably something to do with lost e-mail. <g> When I received notice one weekend that my SentinelAngst dues were late (again!), I had nothing ready, limited time to write (I had 20 testing reports to finish before I left for Moonridge), and not an idea in my head. Well, that's not true -- I had ten notes in my 'ideas' folder, but each would be a fairly extensive story. (By my standards, anyway -- over 12 pages, probably.) But, ah-ha! Here was this little Obsenad waiting to be rescued; I used the first 300 words of the original story (out of 465), and let my imagination take it from there. I had no idea it would stretch so for; when Jim and Blair get into that verbal sparring, they just won't quit! <g> Fun, isn't it?

For the record, all those strange drinks Blair listed are real. I don't know if there would be distributors close to Cascade, but they are on the Internet. And for non-USA readers, "Snapple" is a line of flavored bottled teas; the company claims that it uses all natural ingredients with no artificial flavors. (Sounds like it would be right up Blair's alley; I guess he was just being stubborn. Or maybe he didn't want to admit that Jim had a good idea.) It comes in over 30 different flavors, including Lemon Tea, Peach Tea, Kiwi Strawberry, Raspberry Tea, Mango Madness, Cranberry Raspberry, Lime Green Tea, Orange Carrot, Raspberry Tea, and Snapricot Orange. My thanks to [profile] cindyrama for the Snapple idea; I don't drink it, and wouldn't even have thought of it.

This was the ninth story I started; as I look at the lineup, it's interesting that 7, 9, 10, and 11 are exceedingly short, and three of them began life as "payment" for off-topic posts. I was working on "Letter to Jim" and then "Moving Forward" for such a long time; I used these little short-shorts to keep my dues current. Even when I started 12, I intended it to be just three or four pages as well, but the story insisted on a full treatment. I've said it before -- writing is fun, but it's hard to squeeze the time out of all my other activities. I think I need to start on the next story each time I finish one; maybe then it'll actually be ready when dues time rolls around.




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