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Sentinel is a well established fandom, with an abundance of fanfiction available. Sources for enjoying more adventures of "The Sentinel" and his friends include --

Archives and Multi-Author Sites

Cascade Library -- archive for Sentinel gen stories.

852 Prospect -- archive for Sentinel slash stories.

Artifact Storage Room 3 -- archive for Sentinel stories, gen, slash, and het.

Sentinel search page found at Archive of Our Own -- a multi-fandom archive, hosting gen, slash, and het stories.

Sentinel Library -- A Live Journal site that announces new fiction, art, and vids, both on and off LJ. Find links to author pages in the left sidebar.

Wolfpup's Den -- Hosting several authors, all gen.

Starfox's Mansion -- Hosting several authors, all gen.

Brothers in Arms -- Hosting several authors, gen and slash, Sentinel and other fandoms.

Mackie's Idol Pursuits -- Hosting several authors, all gen.

Burton Awards -- Past winners and nominees function as a reading rec list, gen only.

Light My Fire Awards -- Past winners and nominees function as a reading rec list, gen and slash.

My Mongoose E-zines -- Slash stories by a variety of authors.

Sentinel Virtual Seasons

Groups of fans and writers joined together to write 'virtual seasons'. Each 'production company' started at the end of TSbyBS, and wrote the continuing adventures of Jim, Blair, and the gang at Major Crimes.

Black Panther Productions -- No longer updated; two long and one short season are archived.

Faux Paws Productions -- No longer updated; one long and one short season are archived.

Novations Productions -- One long season is archived, the next season is updated sporadically.

The Sentinel Special Edition -- Not really a virtual season. A rewriting of each of the episodes to "fix" the plotholes, and parts the fans didn't like.

Five Senses Productions -- The first slash virtual season storyline. No longer updated, but three seasons are archived.

Shaman's Journey -- An arc of connected 'movies', highlighting Blair's development as a shaman as he becomes Jim's permanent partner and lover. New movies will be added occasionally.

Thin Blue Line Productions -- In the first season, part of the Shaman's Journey arc. A second season has been produced, moving in a different direction.

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