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I started writing this story in February, with an earthquake as a way to damage the mask. Then the Japan earthquake hit, and that seemed uncool – making light of such a potentially serious event (anywhere in the world) for such a trivial reason. So, I started over, then bogged down in school spring meetings; this short story took almost two full months to write. I appreciate the extended time from the Sentinel Angst list-minder for getting my dues posted.

I offer many thanks to Sentinel fandom as a whole; I drew on a lot of reference sources to check my facts and timeline while writing this story. Specifically, I looked at screencaps for "Vow of Silence" at StarFox's Mansion to help visualize the grounds at St. Sebastian's. I checked the loft layout via Lois Balzer's Sentinel Tours set pictures. I used Becky's invaluable (my description, not hers, but it suits) transcripts to check myself on timeline, and what in the series happened prior to the story. (Not that I've provided a specific time setting in the story, but I know where/when things are.) I knew which car Blair was using from the "Writer's Spelling Guide", found through the Writers' Services section at Cascade Library. And perhaps most useful – considering it's such a tiny part of the story – were the fans who answered my 'garden or cemetery'? question at the TS-Talk community. Notice the number of links? This is what makes writing such a team effort, even though no one is sitting beside me.

One more link: the plot bunny for this story is a direct result of Arnie1967's fertile imagination. Her 2010 Advent photo-story had Jim and Simon trying to replace Blair's damaged devil mask. (Days 1 – 16.) I wondered why they didn't just get it repaired, which is when the plot bunny bit me. Arnie has graciously allowed me to reference her story here.

As I said – this was a real team effort. My thanks to all involved... even if they didn't know they were.




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