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In my Highlander Forum, one of the members had been searching for exotic-scented bath salts and soaps, and recommended Salts for the Soul. (This is a different link from the original; it looks like the same company, though.) I visited their page, and they claim to make their products with "essential oils and fragrances". ~Bing!~ Switchman, and poor Jim sticking his nose in every bottle in the shop. <g>

The bath salts and soaps are made to order, with a choice of 70+ fragrances and 20 colors. They also make bubble bath, bath and body oil, massage oil, lotion, bubble bath, and salt scrubs, and they sell the fragrances and colors by the bottle for people who want to make their own. As Blair said, the soaps are made with glycerine and Vitamin E oil, and the purchaser can select color, shape, and fragrance.

The lady who passed on this information says that she was very impressed with the product and service -- the soaps are a good size, shipping is prompt, and they take PayPal. If you're ever searching for a present and the recipient likes fancy/exotic soaps, oils, or whatever, you might want to check out this site.

I wanted to share this information with the Sentinel lists I was on, so I knocked out this little ditty as "payment" for making an off-topic post. Since absolutely nothing happens, it didn't take too long -- an hour or so -- and it was unbeta'd. I've gone over it again but, if you find something amiss, I'd appreciate you giving me a heads-up.




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