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Title: ...Of the Plains
Summary: Descriptive scene
Style: Gen
Size: 100 words, about .2 page in MS Word
Warnings: None
Notes: Icon challenge, Feb 3, 2007
Feedback: Not necessary, but every one is treasured.
Email: If you prefer not to post a comment that everybody can see, you can reach me at starwatcher -at- dreamwidth.org

...Of the Plains

by StarWatcher

They rode onward, toward the promise of a nighttime camp. Jim saw it first, then Blair. It stood on sturdy legs, stark against the summer-clouded sky.

Blair watched the whirling blades as they ate, listened to the wheel's creaking as it spun, the water splashing as it fell from the pipe into the stock-tank. "They remind me of you, Jim. They watch over the plains and protect the creatures around; their water sustains life and the trees that grow nearby give shelter. I wish I could paint a picture -- windmill, clouds, and trees. I'd call it 'Sentinel of the Plains'."

The End

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