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Gerri very graciously bid on my writing talents for Moonridge 2007. Her prompt was, "I enjoy stories about the early days of Jim and Blair meeting and working together when it is still all new and they are just getting to know each other's working world and the friendship is developing. I also enjoy stories that deal with Blair's time at the University."

I confess, I was stumped for a while; the ideas that floated through my brain seemed uninteresting, not likely to develop well. BUT... some time earlier, my friend Cindy had asked me to write a story she'd dreamed, wherein she and I were young college students taking one of Blair's classes, who accidentally stumbled across a crime that Jim and Blair were investigating. I'd been pushing her to try writing it herself, but she couldn't get it off the ground -- and the story idea was certainly more ambitious than most of us are up to tackling for a first writing effort. It occurred to me that the idea fit very well with the prompt, and I asked if she'd let me adjust it to match better, and write it for Gerri. She agreed, and we were off and running.

It was very much a joint effort, with Cindy contributing many of the details -- including about 95% of the final scene -- in brainstorming sessions between me and her; this was my first real case story, and I needed all the help I could get. Then I built the structure around our agreed-on ideas. It grew in fits and starts, interrupted to write a Christmas story, and later a small list-dues story because this wasn't going to be finished in time. But finally it was ready for beta, and Arianna pointed out the rough spots and help me put on the final polish. However, I tweaked a bit more after she saw it; any mistakes are mine.

It was quite an experience; from prompt to ideas to co-development to polish, I don't think I could have done this alone. But I had a great time with it; my heartfelt thanks to each of my co-conspirators.



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