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When [livejournal.com profile] ainm sent me the writing prompt for the Secret Santa story, I read it and saved it in my "To Be Written" folder while I worked on another story. When I finished that, I didn't check the prompt because I "remembered" that my recipient wanted Jim and Blair to do a project together. I wracked my brain to think of a suitable storyline, and finally discovered one. When I opened the folder to start writing, I found my actual -- different -- prompt. Okay. So, I melded both prompts together, and this story matched two requests. But the one I "remembered" just happened to be mine! Sometimes my brain has only a minimal connection with the real world.

My thanks to Jess Riley, whose clear beta helps me fill in the thin spots. Thanks also to my friend Cindy and Jess Riley for helping me to deal realistically with the efforts of childbirth. (My information is all theoretical, since I have no children.)

Special thanks to Roslyn for her patient help as she explained the difficulties of living with chemical intolerance, and the unknown dangers in the products we take for granted.

Despite the efforts of these ladies, any holes left in the narrative are solely my responsibility.




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